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FETAC Level 5 Mandatory Work Experience Module

FETAC Level 5 Mandatory Work Experience Module           reply
25/01/2016 20:22 - Miscellaneous (Locality: Mayo)
I am currently studying a FETAC Level 5 in Social Studies with Psychology. The students at the college I go to are having serious difficulty finding work placements, which means they are in danger of failing the course, despite all the hard work they have put in. I have received distinctions in everything I have done so far and can´t get a placement. I have applied to around 30 places and the reasons are either they only take 2nd year degree students, they dont take work experience due to confidentiality or they already have their work experience student. It is a small area with limited places available and we are competing with schools and the GMIT college.
I am not an isolated case, pretty much all the students are having problems, at least 4 have given up and are leaving their courses because of it. It is also not just the course I am on, all the courses are having the same problem. One student is having to go to the UK at her own expense to complete her work experience module.
I dont know if it is due to the rural location, or because the module is 15 years old now and at the time it was designed there was no problem getting work placement, and the confidentiality aspect wasnt as much of an issue.
Although I agree that work experience is a good thing, I really dont think it should be put above everything else, since it is the only automatic fail on the course, if there are difficulties with work experience it could deny someone a third level place.
I honestly think this is going to become more of an issue, with new policies and legislation around confidentiality, and I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing similar difficulties.

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