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Exemption from Irish

re... : Exemption from Irish           reply
13/01/2011 20:23 - Miscellaneous
Irish is also currently a requirement for primary teaching.

re : Exemption from Irish           reply
26/08/2008 06:57 - Miscellaneous
Would appreciate if anyone had any advice on the pros and cons of this. Thanks in advance.

re... : Exemption from Irish           reply
13/01/2011 11:46 - Miscellaneous

I lnow you posted it a while back but Im new so ... my son got diagnosis in 1st class and I was told the same, he struggles with Irish and is now in 6th. I would suggest you apply for the excemption anyway you don´t have to use it. If your child continues with irish he will prob go into foundation level anyway (my son) he is restricted anyway due to his diagnosis from certain course and his school said he should pass foundation irsih as vec or PLC college accept it. If you decide to use excemption yes he a subject down and can concentrate on others (my view) if its causing stress on your child doing irish I would get excemption as its not would the pressure... No irish means no job as gardai and no option as an irish teacher ( thats two main careers out of millions to choose from) its not necessarily asked for in universities as much as a foreign language or maths/english. Its not a requirment for vec or Plc courses which are access course to universities anyway just takes longer to get there...
Hope it helps

Exemption from Irish           reply
08/08/2008 17:38 - Miscellaneous
Just wondering if someone can help me on this, my ds is eligible for an exemption in irish due to his diagnosis. He is going into 4th class and upto now he has been doing just ok in irish. He could take it or leave it and I doubt it greatly that he would be able to write an essay in same. Anyhow, got his books last week and he now has three irish books and he nearly had a fit when he spotted them. The school did say before they would monitor things but that they would apply for the exemption if necessary. With 3 wks to go Im just trying to see what the pros and cons are for giving up irish. The automatic things that come to mind are that he would be limited to certain courses at third level without irish. However, on the plus side if he gave it up and could put this extra time to his other good subjects this would be of benefit. Has anyone any thoughts on this, your replies would be appreciated.

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