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Emotional child

re : Emotional child           reply
21/09/2006 16:05 - Childrens Health
Not sure if I can really be much help but if your daughters recent upset is out of character to her normal behaviour well then it sounds like there is something up. Seven is quite old to be crying when being dropped off to school so I would wonder if it is school related. Presumably you have followed up the obvious and gone in to have a chat with her teacher to see if there is anything going on. Another idea would be to talk to some of the mums of of friends in her class - they might have heard something or be able to find out, without being obvious, how she is during the school day. At least then you might have a better idea whether it is school related. The same applies to the afterschool care - could there be something upsetting her there?

Emotional child           reply
21/09/2006 15:33 - Childrens Health

I hope someone may be able to advise me. Since my 7 year old daughter started back to school this year, she gets upset a lot, and wants to be with me and her dad all the time. At night when it is time for bed, she gets very upset, and says she misses us, and just wants to spend more time with us. She is obsessed about who is collecting her from the creche, and what time each of us will be home from work. We have a very happy home life, and she has a younger brother who is a very happy little fella. For the past few mornings my daughter starts to cry when I drop her to school, and gets very upset when I am leaving. I dont know what to do. I´m not sure if she is just playing up, or if she is genuinely insecure about something. When she gets upset, the tears are very real, and from the heart. Any help would be welcomed.

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