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Debs Costs

Debs Costs           reply
21/10/2006 08:43 - Teenage Issues
Anyone any views on how much of a budget I should set my daughter for her debs. My thoughts are to set a budget for the whole affair, i.e. dress, accessories etc and it is up to her how she spends it. If she wants to cut back on how much she spends on the dress to put towards limo hire with her friends then she can once she stays within budget. Will this work and how much should I allow her in the budget?

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22/02/2010 22:05 - Teenage Issues
Well I went to one last year,
One of the girls-
€850 on designer dress
€450 on designer bag and shoes
€160 Debs Tickets
€250 Limo
€400 Hair extensions
€30 Tan
€50 Make up
€40 Nails

Its actually shocking how much money they spend prier to the night!!

re... : Debs Costs           reply
22/02/2010 11:54 - Teenage Issues
wow i wish i had that much! my boyfriend paid for limo, i had €50 for drinks etc and borrowed the dress from my friends sister haha

re : Debs Costs           reply
09/08/2007 11:09 - Teenage Issues
This is a diffucult one to comment on because its such a special time and you dont want to ruin it by limiting the costs, but you obviously dont want it to get out of hand. I think you should decide in accordance with your personal financial circumstances.


re : Debs Costs           reply
21/02/2010 17:26 - Teenage Issues
I know its late but i read somthine the other day, €1000 is the usual cost including Limo, Dress Tickets etc

re : Debs Costs           reply
30/04/2008 09:07 - Teenage Issues
hi i am judit and i am 22 years old i´m from Hungary and i ve came to this site that i could see how is the irish education in the next year i want move to ireland to my boyfriend who is irish citizen and i would like to give a comment about the budget.
in Hungary my parents said after i finished my school if u want money go to work i was 19 years old and i´ve got to england where i really enjoyed to be but i thought without any profession i cant do more money and better possibilities for myself ,i´ve been just a kitchen porter but i have earned quite much money i couldnt safe because i didnt lesson to my parents and now i am 22 and i am study a profession and i have problems with money because i used that i had money all the time ive bought lot very nice dress and everything and this money what i have earned in england and in ireland all of them has gone :(

re... : Debs Costs           reply
24/02/2010 16:17 - Teenage Issues
let´s not loose the run of ourselves ,
dess from 150- 500, depends on how much you want to spend , also look on the web , we did last year and bought shoes, dress and bag for 200
hair 25
tan and make-up 35, they usually do debs specials
nails 10
limo 6 of them chipped in 20
and spending money

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