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Cycle to School in Dublin CC

Cycle to School in Dublin CC           reply
10/09/2012 11:07 - Miscellaneous
Repost of my Reaction to a blog.
I want to promote Cycling to school instead of driving your kids, and at the same tiome so impressed with this shiop I want to give it a heads up, price and service wise

Hi There

I cycle myself a lot with or without the kids the kids.
The youngest one (nearly 3) loves the steering wheel attached seat, while my 5 year old sits on the back.

I recently replaced my bike (after it got stolen) and got my wife a bike in the process as well. (The first bike made its money back in 3 months in petrol alone)

I ride a old fashioned High Nelly AKA “Oma Bike” 28 inch wheel rolls so much more comfortable, and I like the reliability of a coaster break with the extra weight of two kids when coming down hill. Customised with a three speed gear with comes as an extra.

Now I know the below is going to sound as a sales post, but I am not paid to write this nor am I affiliated to the shop or its owner other than as a customer .

As said I (we) are the happy owners of two 28” OMA bikes. My wife had to wait for the customisation of a three speed gear so we were back last weekend to get this fixed

While waiting my kids started playing with what is known as a “Bak-Fiets”/ Tub-Bike, A huge three-wheeler with a box in front that sits 4 kids easily. Now I live North county Dublin and would not get the use out of this thing but long story short, while waiting the owner allowed me to take the kids out for a spin. They absolutely loved it and I did as well. 6 gears, no weight in cycling it easy to manoeuvre.
Again fitted with front horseshoe and rear coaster break. …. I wish I could justify buying it myself.

After the guys fixed the gears on my missus’ bike I took the two kids on my bike, however we got a bit stuck with the stroller for the youngest, as she did not feel comfortable cycling with that tied to the carrier in the back. Luckily a member of staff kindly brought it out (by bike) to Connolly station

Their service is great, better than the previous shop where I bought, 2 months waiting to get a damaged rear light replaced having to call every week:

Again I do not want to sound like a sales person, but when I first started looking to replace my stolen (Normal) bike I found brands online for 450 minimum… 100 more expensive than my initial bike . Now their website is crap in my opinion and I ignored it whenever it came up, I purely went to the shop on word of mouth information.

Standard fixed gear bike €225, optional 3 gears €90… Front & rear child seat optional

Now my baby the 4 (to 6) child seating “tub/ delivery” bike AKA Bakfiets (Google)
699 (or am I 100 off) .

Again their website kind of stinks …but google angelcruiser
FB angelcruisers .
Or if the admin allows it :

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