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Cost of childminding.

re : Cost of childminding.           reply
05/01/2017 00:01 - Ask Mother Hen
I don´t read its for family, so 80 is too low when you factor in food, fuel, equipment, activities etc. Your real rate per hour will be much less. Have you carseats, sleeping, feeding equipment etc. Three siblings that age will be exhausting over a 10 hour day, you´ll never get a break really. Minding for family, friends etc can be a messy and one many childminders avoid.
Childminding uninsured is crazy, its free on your house insurance or 155 with Childminding Ireland. Plus your car is uninsured if your in accident if youv not declared your a childminder when your working. You´ll be down in playschool as collector of child so easily identified, its reason many uninsured only mind babies and school age kids as easy say a friend child etc.
Have family given you any feedback on rate? Its more affordable and easier have a nanny when three young kids involved but many will look for more cost effective options.

re : Cost of childminding.           reply
04/01/2017 15:50 - Ask Mother Hen
I´d be happy to call you and talk you through becoming registered (well notified) it´s really not difficult and it gives back up support to you and protection for you and the kids should something awful happen! Also, you would qualify and be allowed earn up to 15k per year TAX FREE, LEGALLY!
I wouldn´t take any family members or friends children on but my advice would b have a concrete contract! If be happy to send mine to you!
For family €80 sounds like a friendly price both sides

Cost of childminding.           reply
03/01/2017 15:51 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Louth)
I have been asked to mind 3 sisters in my own home for 2 days per week. Their ages are 3, 2 and 1. The 3 year old attends pre school for 3 hours. I will provide breakfast and dinner. Their parents are providing fruit and snacks. I will have them for 10 hours a day. I would like to charge a flat rate per day, whether it is school term or holiday. We live in a large rural town. I would be an unregistered childminder.

Any advice on rate per day would be very welcome. I was thinking of €80.

re... : Cost of childminding.           reply
04/01/2017 19:31 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi Mother Hen
Its a good name :) I just read your reply. I am a childminder, but I am not registered. Can you tell me how to register?

re... : Cost of childminding.           reply
12/02/2017 11:51 - Ask Mother Hen
Can u let me know how to register as a childminder also please.

re... : Cost of childminding.           reply
05/01/2017 21:57 - Ask Mother Hen
HI how do u register to b a childminder?paula

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