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Classes Split....

Classes Split....           reply
01/09/2010 16:56 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Sligo)
Is there a policy on classes being split? We were never informed of the class being split. I learned of it when I collected my daughter from school today ( from her, no notice from school). She is in Senior Infants. Her and 5 other kids are in the Junior classroom and her classmates have moved to the first class (19 of them) room. What can I do? They split them by age and she is one of the youngest. Help......All her friends are in the other room.

re... : Classes Split....           reply
09/09/2010 19:05 - Ask Mother Hen
Thanks for advice. It has rained all week and they haven´t got to play with their class. So a bad start but hopefully it wills settle.

re : Classes Split....           reply
02/09/2010 10:35 - Ask Mother Hen
This can happen in schools when they are trying to balance teacher/pupil ratio and is not uncommon. In my experience, I have found that the child usually settles in with the new group after a while and it works out. As your daughter is in senior infants, she is still at a very early stage of school and may adapt more quickly than if she had been with her original class for many years. That said, you could have a chat with the principal as to why the class was split and if there is a possibility of moving your daughter to the other class. Perhaps you can agree to give it a week or so to see if your daughter settles and then decide? Contact the principal first and discuss.
Best wishes.

re : Classes Split....           reply
08/09/2010 20:57 - Ask Mother Hen
My son´s school have split classes. I would probably wait and see how she settles - your daughter will still be doing the same work and will see her friends at breaktimes. Our son is young in the year and really appreciates being in the older half of the class and does better than when mixed with the year above.

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