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re : Childminding           reply
26/05/2016 15:14 - Ask Mother Hen
I would work something out with parents
Maybe not full price as that is 15 hours a week / 64.5 hours per calendar month.
I wouldn´t feel right charging full whack but am running a business at the end of it so don´t wanna do myself out of it as no one is going just to want those 3 hours!
Maybe half price!??

re... : Childminding           reply
30/05/2016 18:25 - Ask Mother Hen
Charge the same...why should the childminder who will more than likely be dropping and collecting lose three hours rates. However I feel I´m justified in this as I not charge bank hols, holiday pay, offer term time only etc. Iv had parents who refused pay ecce hours so only compromise was I´d start at collection or they very free to find someone else. Plus fact ecce now two years is going to very tough on childminders.
Also consider what happens if ecce closed/child sick etc.

re... : Childminding           reply
27/05/2016 21:04 - Ask Mother Hen
I would leave it the same as the parents need to secure your services regardless her starting preschool is something beyond your control

Childminding           reply
26/05/2016 13:09 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi I´m minding a child who will be starting preschool in September,do I need to deduct the money or keep it the same as it´s only 3 hrs a day,she will be going 5 days a wk ...thanks

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