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Childminders rates

re : Childminders rates           reply
09/02/2011 12:50 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi gine

Childminders rates           reply
08/02/2011 19:35 - Ask Mother Hen
Just wondering could anyone give me an idea on rates I would expect to pay for childminder for 2 children 5 days a week. Many thanks and the usual times child Minders work from & to.
Living in mullingar co Westmeath and looking for childminder at the moment.
Many thanks

re... : Childminders rates           reply
09/02/2011 19:29 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi Gina,

No, you should only be charged for the actual time the children are with the childminder. I´m afraid to say there are lots of minders out there that will try to stick the arm in, don´t let them! :)

Make sure to find out how many children your minder will have aswell. Legally we can mind 6 at one time, but only 2 under the age of 15 months (at any one time). I personally only mind 2 full-time, along with my daughter.

Also, if the minder is being paid ´under the counter´ so to speak, and not paying any tax themselves, you would expect their rate to be quite reasonable.

As you say, making sure the ´fit´ is right is the main thing. So long as your children are well cared for and happy, the financial side is normally secondary.

Hope that helps! :)

re... : Childminders rates           reply
04/04/2011 14:01 - Ask Mother Hen
A person is allowed to mind up to 3 children in their own home and earn a max of 15,000 euro per annum and this is tax exempt, saw this on Revenue website, just a little information!

re : Childminders rates           reply
09/02/2011 17:02 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi Gina,

Now is a great time to try and source a good childminder. Prices do very quite a lot, but are much more competitive, which will leave you in a strong position.

I am based in South Dublin and would charge €5/hr for the first child and €2.50/hr for each additional sibling. Working on 5 8hr days a week, you´re probably looking around the €300/wk mark.

Most childminders are flexible for parents. Personally, I work from 7.30am-5.30pm, Mon-Fri. Although, being in the city and parents needing to commute, this is fairly normal.

Definately discuss holiday pay. I charge when parents do not send the children (either due to holidays or illness), but do not charge when I am unavailable (holidays).

Lots of childminders will charge a deposit of some sort, and will require contracts to be signed.

Good luck with your search!

re : Childminders rates           reply
09/02/2011 12:52 - Ask Mother Hen
hi Gina,
I am in process of looking for a childminder for my 3 children, 2 pre-schoolers, one aged 8.. rates vary considerably and I will be working 3 days, so in general approx 250 for the 3 days seems the going rate, but I havebeen advised up to 300 euro.. Most important is to find the right fit for you kids etc.. and also important to discuss holiday pay etc when you do meet a childminder.

Good luck.

re... : Childminders rates           reply
09/02/2011 18:03 - Ask Mother Hen
The reply you posted is gr8 , very clear.. just wondering when you would have child of school going age, do you charge for full 8 hours, even though the child would only be there for approx 3 hours?> I want to make sure I am fair to any childminder I meet with, as other parents are telling me that I need to be careful that childminder does not overcharge for school going child.. I am pretty easy going, and most important is that my kids are happy and comfortable and well cared for.. the financial side will fall in with that..


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