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Childminder v Creche

Childminder v Creche           reply
16/07/2010 12:23 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Dublin West)
Hi, I currently have my two year old son in a creche but I am thinking about moving him to a child minder for financial and other reasons. I dont get home sometimes until seven in the evening and I feel he is missing out on having a mammy around. He also has asthma as is always sick as he picks up infections, rashes, chicken pox from creche.. When he is sick the creche wont take him and there is so much time you can take off work, so it can be difficult.

What do you think??

re... : Childminder v Creche           reply
16/07/2010 18:08 - Ask Mother Hen
Thanks lianne for your response...

re : Childminder v Creche           reply
16/07/2010 15:47 - Ask Mother Hen
hi, lianne here, a creche is great for a child as they get to mix with other children, my little lad was in a creche while i was in college and he loves it,but as an unemployed childminder i feel that the one to one attention a minder can give a child is second to none, and you are right no creche will take a sick child, if im honest i would pick a childminder over a creche any day,minder or creche its hard to know but you must put your childs needs first and what you feel happy with,

re : Childminder v Creche           reply
17/07/2010 23:10 - Ask Mother Hen
their are pro´s and con´s for either one as far as i am concerned. I work in a creche but my mother is a childminder so i have first hand experience from both sides of it. Socially i believe a creche is better due to the interaction a child recieves from such a wide group of children but emotionally a child is better of with a childminder. In creche i would be responsible for 5/6 children at a time and their for my attention and time is shared between 5/6 other children where as with a child minder the child with be recieveing much more attention, love and genuine care. Creche´s are very much routine orientated, which is good for children but if a child is unwell sometimes they don´t want to eat, sleep, play when the routine within a creche say they should, but we have to follow that routine because thats the only way we would keep the place running so smoothly, however the routine with a child minder is much more relaxed.
Creche´s serve a purpose and suit a lot of families but everyone is different, i personally believe children are better off with a child minder and i would prefer my own children to be with a child minder than within a creche.
Whatever you choose, remember their are options, if you move to a child minder and decide its not for you, you can always move back to a creche.

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