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Change from English to Irish school

re : Change from English to Irish school           reply
22/08/2011 08:40 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi Fiona

If it´s any reassurance, my daughter went to an english speaking primary and then moved to an Irish speaking secondary in first year. It was daunting at first but it´s amazing how quickly their Irish comes on once they are immersed in it all day. It´s great that she already knows some of the kids - that will make it a lot easier.

If you have the opportunity in the next ten days before she starts school and maybe even throughout the first month, it might be worth getting a little extra support by having someone come to the house and helping her with some conversational vocabulary - it could make all the difference to her confidence.

I have very little Irish myself and it hasn´t been a problem with regards to her schoolwork.

Best of luck. I´m sure it will work out fine.

re... : Change from English to Irish school           reply
21/08/2011 11:12 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi thanks for your reply, but she has already been offered a place and is all set to change next week. An príomhoide has assured me that other children have started in the school in rang a dó (2nd class), and have settled well.

I´m really just looking for any advice anyone may have that would make it a little easier for her to settle in over the next year. . .

re... : Change from English to Irish school           reply
23/08/2011 15:33 - Ask Mother Hen
That is great to hear, my colleague did the same when she was growing up, and if they can do it without too many problems at an older age hopefully my daughter will be OK. Thanks for the reassurance!

I had intended to go through some Irish workbooks etc. with her myself over the summer but the weeks just flew in and we never got round to it. That is a good idea to have someone over maybe one or two evenings during the week for half an hour or so at a time to help us both come on a little quicker, once we have started classes. Thanks for the tip :)

Change from English to Irish school           reply
20/08/2011 15:22 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Dublin North)

Just hoping someone will have some advice on or have had some experience changing from an English speaking to an all Irish speaking school into 2nd class!!

We have recently moved and when I was researching schools in our new area the best school I found was an Irish speaking school. It is well established, has a fantastic reputation and is a 5 min walk from where we live now, which means my daughter will be in school with other children living in our area. She already knows a few other kids that will be in her class and other classes in the school.

We are excited about the Irish but lately I have been loosing a lot of sleep wondering have I made a bad decision. Is it going to be very difficult for her to adapt? I dont speak Irish fluently and am just planning to do classes and hopefully what I have learned in school will come back to me.

My most recent nightmare is of the other children chatting and playing in the yard as Gaeilge and my daughter being lost as to what is going on?

Any advice to make life a little easier for her in September?

re : Change from English to Irish school           reply
20/08/2011 21:30 - Ask Mother Hen
You will have to check the school policy,i know of an irish speaking school(gaelscoile) that will not let children enroll after Senior infants ie,going in to first class as the child will already have missed two years of learning irish and speaking irish every day,and in your case the child will have missed 3 years,every school is different you can only ask,

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