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Car Boot Sale as a fund raised..any tips?

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11/02/2010 10:41 - Parents Associations
have you considered approaching your local play centre ? We raised €600 very easily with our local one. They gave us 150 "free passes" which cost €8 each we sold them on to the kids and got to keep €4 from every pass we sold and paid €4 back to the play centre, so the school got money and the kids got a great day out.
We are doing it again this month. Just make sure your playcentre is a member of the irish playcenter association

re : Car Boot Sale as a fund raised..any tips?           reply
21/01/2010 09:34 - Parents Associations
Hi Prada

You might also find the following article on our website about organising a fundraising event useful

re : Car Boot Sale as a fund raised..any tips?           reply
21/01/2010 11:01 - Parents Associations
Thanks a million....they are all fantastic tips and most of them I hadn´t even thought of and probably never would have !!!
So much good advice I´ll print your replies and bring them to our next meeting..thanks again :)

re : Car Boot Sale as a fund raised..any tips?           reply
21/01/2010 09:31 - Parents Associations
Check with the police and with the local authority about permits, insurance liabilities, safety factors and so on. You´ll be responsible for seeing that the sale is properly stewarded, that cars and vans enter and leave the ground in an orderly way, and that there are no traffic or pedestrian obstructions. Make sure you know how many cars you can accomodate for the sale and don´t overbook. You also need to publicise the number that people can ring to book a spot if they are selling/booking a patch. If it is the first time many people are selling at a car boot sale (e.g. parents in the school) it would be useful to prompt them in what they might want to bring along - e.g. possibly a small table if they want to display their goods, a small money float, (useful for the organising committee to have a float also), some bags to put the goods they sell into.

You could also charge a small entrance fee at the gate to those coming to buy but not too much as it might put off people coming and upset the sellers.

If you can´t provide tea/coffee for sale, invite along one of those vans that sell tea/coffee/snacks but make sure you agree a fee/cut of their profits up front.

Lucky Dips, Face painting and bouncy castle (with small fee) are a good way to encourage the children in the school to get their parents to come along. If you have a bouncy castle you will need to assign parents for supervision and limit numbers etc. Possibly run a competition in the school for the kids to design posters for the Boot sale with the best from each class or year group being used.

You may also need to provide access into the school building for access to toilets.
Organise a small group for the tidy up after with plenty of refuse bags on hand.

Car Boot Sale as a fund raised..any tips?           reply
20/01/2010 15:54 - Parents Associations (Locality: Laois)
We are thinking of running a car boot sale as a fundraiser later this year, Apart from setting a price to charge per car and deciding to have a cake sale going on at the same time..we are unsure as to what else is involved it the organising,we are lucky enough to have a very large car park at the back of the school so thats one less worry.
Has anyone else been involved this a car boot as a fundraiser before and if so do you have any tips?
many thanks

re : Car Boot Sale as a fund raised..any tips?           reply
20/01/2010 23:09 - Parents Associations
some tips

sell tea, coffee and maybe cake, crisps and bars, to make extra money.
get someone to make announcements in local churches, etc.
have someone parking the cars.
call the local radio station on the morning with the question"does anyone know what time the car boot sale is on in ???. Perhaps, the day before. This may drum up some free advertising.
Get a large board and put it outside your school with the date and time of the car boot sale on it.

Good Luck

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