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Alternative Education

re : Alternative Education           reply
13/04/2008 11:27 - Miscellaneous
Hi Tanja
We were looking for alternatives as well. So far we have been educating our childern at home but were looking into The Steiner School Kildare but havent found any other alternatives. There are a few parents in this area also intrested in alternatives even if it means setting up our own. Lets us know how you are getting on.

Alternative Education           reply
08/03/2008 17:45 - Miscellaneous
Hi there
Just wondering if anybody out there has heard of Play Mountain? or Summer Hill in the UK?
I´m not whacky, I just don´t see the kind of education I would like my little one to have out there. At this point I´m thinking of starting a private school.
Would love to hear from anyone in the know.

re : Alternative Education           reply
20/04/2008 21:40 - Miscellaneous
Hi Tanja,
I am completely depressed after visiting some perspective primary schools
for our son. I´d be keen to hear about these systems if you recieve any more info. Also if there are any parents in Cork considering setting up an alternative primary school where children have access to the seasons and fresh air for more than 20mins on a dry day I´d love to hear from them. Diana

re... : Alternative Education           reply
21/04/2008 14:34 - Miscellaneous
Dear Diana,
I guess you are Cork based. Pity. Please read the mail left for Jon. That´s about it. If you are Dublin based, please let me know, perhaps we could take this further. So far I´m not having any luck finding good schools, unless your priveledged or loaded!
Anyway, good luck if your in Cork, otherwise, I´d love to hear back from you.

re... : Alternative Education           reply
21/04/2008 14:21 - Miscellaneous
Dear Jon,
Thanks for your reply, great to hear from you and likeminded people. Yes, there is that Steiner school in Kildare, but that is way out of the way for me. I live in Fairview Dublin 3. Where are you? I would be very interested in starting up a school. My daughter is still young, 9 months. How many do you teach at home? Very wise and brave. It seems as soon as you mention anything alternative, people get to thinking like it’s a cult or, just do what everyone else is doing. A friend of mine in the States has her little boy educated in an outdoor school (benefits of living in CA) and they are educated by two gay guys and their adopted daughter in a small school. Google Play Mountain and you can see the actual school. The little boy loves it and is intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and emphatically more advanced than his peers. Not that that is something to brag about, but I don´t think you get emotional/spiritual education in normal classrooms.
Ok, let me know a couple of things and I look forward to hearing from you.

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