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Afterschool care

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07/12/2006 20:09 - Afterschool Care
Your County Childcare Committee (government department)and HSE Pre-school, and schools advisor should assist and collaborate with funding under NDP 2006/2010. I am in this process myself as a private provider though. Shockimgly there are no regulations governing school age children apart form the general laws e.g. health and safety etc. Let me know how it goes.


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22/09/2006 22:31 - Afterschool Care
Hi Caoimhe,
It is great to see your school being active in this area. A group of parents here (myself included) have been working on setting up an after school service from 2pm to 6pm. The local school have been good but not as enthuastic as your one sounds.
The 1996 Pre-school Service Regulations apply to services providing care for children up to the age of 6 years. You can probably get details of this from the Pre-School Services Officer in your local health board. After that age there are no statuatory regulations in place.
There are a number of good practice guides published by a number of groups such as
Barnardos - After School, a practice guide for providers
National Childrens Nurseries Association - After School, The way forward.
Another good source of information is your local Childcare Committee. You will probably find their number in the phone book or ring your local county or city council for details.
Hope this is helpful

Afterschool care           reply
13/09/2006 21:04 - Afterschool Care
The (primary) school my children attend are thinking of setting up after school care for the the difference in time between the infant class school day and the rest of the school. It will be supervised by parents and will probably last for about an hour. Has anybody had any experience of this? Does anybody know how to go about setting it up and if there are any regulations that have to be adhered to?.

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