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Advise invited for help with teenager

Advise invited for help with teenager           reply
12/01/2017 16:34 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Dublin West)
Hi, looking for some advice from anyone who has experience of dealing with teenagers. My middle son is a lively caring honest boy, who in the last 2 months has had a few problems with school. He threw something that had been thrown at him and he injured another pupil and got a suspension. He was remorseful he was grounded devises taken away from him etc.

Only back in school a week and another incident with an innappripiate word being written down - he was blamed on it, he did have a part to play but school came down hard on him as it was a second offence. I totally agree with the school that he needs to be punished for his behaviour. All devices taken away from him again.

Now another incident, teacher said he took a pen apart in class while he says he dropped it and it went into 2 parts, I believe him but now feel no matter what he does he is now marked as the problem child in the class.

At my wits end, can´t get through to him that his actions have consequences, he seems to be impulsive and just acts without thinking. He is s good kid, polite but bit giddy in school. He is 13.

Any advice would be appreciated.

re : Advise invited for help with teenager           reply
19/05/2017 09:52 - Ask Mother Hen
I´m in the same position with my 13 year old son and he´s a lovely kid when in good mood , but every little thing he does he is getting suspended or detentions or sent home . he hates school as a result .I´m at the point were i think the school just send him home so as not to deal with him . I´ve said this to the school but no response. Some of the calls I get are just stupid , I think they just dnt want to deal with a child who is a bit of a Messer. Now he is responsible for his actions and admits to doin stupid stuff he shudnt. But I´ve been dealing with this for a year now . I´m at the point of changing his school . I´ve done the same took all devices of him grounded him but it only works for a day or 2. Do I´m at a loss too . Just thought id shafe thst ypur not alone in ur situation , romoxx

re... : Advise invited for help with teenager           reply
19/05/2017 10:58 - Ask Mother Hen
Thanks for your reply. Just to update you, after the last incident I wrote about, we got yet another phone calk, this time dep head wouldn´t discuss over phone wanted us in. Said he had been bullying another student!! I was horrified to say the least. When we delved further into incident. I turned out that another lad had been shoplifting in a local store, the whole year knew about it, my son made a funny noise in pe, didn´t own up, whole class threatened with detention as a result. The shoplifting child told my son that he was going to tell pe teacher it was him that made the noise, my son said well if you do I´ll tell that you were shoplifting . Because of my sons "history´ he was suspended, while the child that was caught shoplifting didn´t, as far as I know. We spoke with del head and tutor st length about how we felt he was now a " marked child" and no matter what he did he wouldn´t be treated fairly. But since all that, he HSS kept his nose clean and seems to be getting on a lot better. We did think changing schools but he wasn´t having any if it. I just hope he is now 14, its behind us. Hope you get sorted, its so draining.

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