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6 year old bedtime

re... : 6 year old bedtime           reply
25/10/2010 12:51 - Ask Mother Hen
Thanks a million for all your replies, will try all of it and let you know in a couple of weeks!

re... : 6 year old bedtime           reply
27/10/2010 17:50 - Ask Mother Hen
Thanks for getting back to us Ali. Hope it all works out for you and for your little one.

re... : 6 year old bedtime           reply
22/10/2010 11:02 - Ask Mother Hen
I was talking to a neighbour of mine this morning and she said she had a similar problem with her daughter. She never quite got to the reason but after a few months, things just seemed to settle down. Hopefully the same will happen for you.

6 year old bedtime           reply
20/10/2010 12:34 - Ask Mother Hen
I have a 6 year old daughter. For the last four weeks she is going to bed and asking me to go to bed and asleep when she falls asleep, I always say yes. She then will continue to call out for me at least 5 times before falling asleep. She is waking up every couple of hours, coming into my room and even though nearly every light is on, is only settling for a couple of hours again. I have asked her if anything is scaring her, troubling her, we changed her room around, we made a happy wall in her room with pics etc to help. She is disturbing the whole house, someone suggested she shares a room with her sister but she never did and has been happy not to so I don´t want to start this. If anyone has any tips, I´d appreciate it!

re... : 6 year old bedtime           reply
24/10/2010 22:23 - Ask Mother Hen
These kinds of episodes normally settle down and I do hope that yours does too. Keep the lines of communication open with your little one, without pestering her as to how she´s feeling etc. Very often, things come out of our kids when we least expect them.

re : 6 year old bedtime           reply
20/10/2010 19:28 - Ask Mother Hen
Have you checked to ensure that she doesn´t have anything physically wrong that may be causing her to wake up? One thing that can cause restlessness is worms - I know it sounds rather unpleasent but it is a common childhood complaint. Check also that it hasn´t something to do with her eating pattern or new foods introduced. It is worth checking for any physical reasons and rule this out first.
Assuming that it is nothing physical, can you check if she is having nightmares? If so, what is causing these. Children are often affected by TV programs, games etc., that seem harmless but can cause nightmares. Try to set aside some special one to one time with your daughter each day where you can have a relaxed chat and see if she will open up about anything that may be upsetting her.
Another idea would be to create a ´bedtime routine´ picture chart representing the steps leading to bedtime. For example, picture one is her putting on pyjamas, then brushing teeth and so on. Get her to help you to draw the pictures and make the chart. Have a ´nice step´ towards the end of the routine, perhaps where you read her a story, so that she is working the routine to something nice. If added encouragement is needed, give her a star for each time that she follows the routine and then when she gets a certain number of stars, she can get a little treat.
Please try these things and keep us posted. The best of luck.

re... : 6 year old bedtime           reply
22/10/2010 08:03 - Ask Mother Hen
I wouldn´t rule out the idea of trying her sleeping in a room with her sister. You could try it over the long weekend, perhaps, just as a novelty at first. You could decide to do some minor redecoration, which would give you a reason for them to share. See how it goes.

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