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Presentation Community College

Phone: 01-4902404

presentation college rollnumber 76092K

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09/01/2008 01:52 PM - (share to everyone)
hi well i just think tat teachers in presentation college arent great and i had to change schools because there was a lack of teaching in certain subjects

Rebecca Kilbride 09/16/2008 10:36 PM -
Good school when I went there, Sister Clare was principal then, but there def was a lack of teaching in certain subjects as last pupil detailed....not all teachers were this way though....

Sarah 10/07/2008 03:07 PM -
I attanded Presentation, Terenure for six years. I found the teaching to be of an extremly high standard and the level of support students receive to be unparalled. Relationships between students and teachers were strong and Mr Kearney, principal, fostered a cheerful, homely enviroment.

Sadie aka Kori 12/19/2008 11:42 AM -
Hey, i left Presentation in ty cos i didn like it and the teachers didn help me in anyting extremely happy here in pobalscoil rosmini, and wouldnt change it for the world. All the teachers are lovey and i look forwarde ach and every day coming into school. The teachers in the prez realy didn want to know about my eye problem and they didn much care about helping me with some of me subjects but now the tables have turned completely and i love this school the only thing is miss about prez is jenny, and all e girliez they were al very nice to me and they´l never be forgotten. i still keep in contact with a few and thats the way i want it to stay . oh, and if anyone is talking to ms carroll tell her i said happy xmas and hope shes keeping well. me and my boyfriend are extremely happy with me in a new school and so am i. oh 1 more thing im putting me name down as Saide so theres no big riot caused ok but most ov you know who it is an 2 me m8z in d prez hapy xmas an a hapy new year il never forget about any of u!!!

02/26/2009 01:18 AM -
I think the reason ´Sadie´ feels the school did not cope well with her eye problem is because this school does not specialise in students with a disability. Of course the school copes well with many of their students needs, with the aid of extra resource teachers. As a pupil I believe the school and it´s teachers contribute well with taking time out of their own busy schedule to cater for any aspect a student wishes for help with. All in all I feel it is a great school and if you put the effort in, you will receive a positive response.

02/26/2009 01:20 AM -
Also.. just to note the higher maths teacher in this school has the highest success rate in the country.

03/13/2009 08:30 PM -
Wow, Kori! That language is pretty uncalled for and it takes from any empathy I may have had towards you, at the time of your initial posting. I know nothing about either of the schools you have mentioned but by you behaving in the manner you have just behaved, perhaps you are the one with the problem. You won´t gain too many friends with that kind of nasty, sarcastic talk. This is a public forum and not the place for some of your comments about identifiable individuals. This is bordering on scurrilous.

03/13/2009 09:31 PM -
No they know how to teach. Its a matter of learning and being a diligant student. And Mrs.Letmon is a very good student. The way you treated her was awful and she didn´t deserve that. I dont understand ´oh, an do they realy hav d highest rate??

wel deyd wana learn how 2 teach first wouldn dey!?!?!´

Is they have the highest rate, then yes they do know how to teach. The classical studies teacher is also among the highest point achieving teachers. For a non fee paying school, the teachers are brilliant! And many 600 point students have come out of that school!

03/13/2009 09:34 PM -
d teachrz wr al dopez ... they clearly didn´t teach you anything!!

03/13/2009 10:02 PM -
As a neutral observer, I´d be inclined to agree with you. This young lady seems to have a hell of alot to learn.

03/13/2009 10:46 PM -
Thank you! : )

Kori 03/18/2009 01:24 PM -
t b honst.......dey did teach me sumin....bu i jus found it a bi difficult is da nt aloud??????????

an sori 4 b4.....

03/18/2009 05:42 PM -
It takes a lot to apologise and realise when we´ve said something perhaps we shouldn´t have. I´m glad to see Kori that you have reconsidered your earlier comments. I hope you´ll be able to be positive and move on. I´m sure you learned many things at Presentation and also at your present school. Many of us find things difficult and sometimes we need to work a little harder. Good luck in the future!

emma 03/19/2009 07:18 AM -
hi again yeah some teachers in pres were gr8t seriously mr coogan is perhaps one of the best higher level maths teachers in dublin nd i dont just say i only say that because its the fact and yes mrs. letmon too she was good i only had her for 1 year but some teachers just cant control the class and i dont want to name any but seriously and iam guessing its getting worse every year coz when ifisrt started in 1st year it was a great school and that went on but the fact that we dont get a teacher for 3/4 of the year coz she was sick at least we shouldve got a GOOD subtisute we got her for two weeks before our spring exams and she was still learning how to teach thats ridiculous but it was a good school bar all the bad stuff

Kori 03/20/2009 01:52 PM -
tnx hun and good luck 2 u 2! jus gna forget al about it ok.. XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX

Kori 03/20/2009 01:53 PM -
------------------- dis emma hudson or emma blackford, r i no drz a nodr emma bu im sori i 4got ur last name

Lauren 04/18/2009 12:24 AM -
Hey at this moment i am finding presentation to be a good school they just need to adjust the bullying problems that are going on at the moment cause i now a person who is going to be moving out of the school because of it but other wise its really good. ms jones is a really good teacher i have had her since first year and i find her the best she is also very funny and a brilliant teacher. mrs letmon i find is really good i have only started having her for maths and i am finding her good. kori hi missing u loads in the school hope u and the boyfriend are happy and doing well.

Pres 05/30/2009 10:43 PM -
Presentation is a brilliant school and all of their teachers deserve the utmost respect. Anyone who has anything bad to say about this school has obviously just not tried hard enough and are looking for someone to blame, ie.the teachers.

Suzanne 07/29/2009 01:56 PM -
Hi, I´m moving to Terenure in a few weeks and I´m hoping to get my daughter enrolled in one of the local schools. Can anyone give me some information on our Ladys School or the Presentation? Any tips on which is the best of the two schools & is transition year mandatory in either?

Kori 08/04/2009 11:22 PM -
id say our lady´s school would be a good choice not so sure about....i wasnt treated very good...and had to leave.... but its your choice choose werever you feel most comfortable...

Pres 08/04/2009 11:48 PM -
Hi Suzanne.. Please excuse Kori, she has different reasons as to why she left. It has nothing to do with how she was treated it was just that she didn´t get on well with a few teachers. Im a pupil at Presentation College and it honestly is a great school! The teachers really treat you more as their friend and enjoy being there as opposed to just doing their job and getting out as quickly as they can. They put in so much effort with after school work and really look out for the students as well as having a laugh with them! My last year is coming up and i´ll be very very sad to leave! Transition year isn´t mandatory in this school but I did it and really enjoyed it!

Noelle 08/31/2009 01:35 PM -
I loved Presentation, i finished there in 2006, and went on to do well in college. The teachers are honest and hard working people. All you need to do is ask questions and do your homework and you´ll get a great education. If you are a trouble maker, then its your own fault if you dont do well.

Natalie 10/19/2009 04:52 PM -
I´ve always found the college teachers to be OK. I really enjoyed the sports there and got on with all my mates and teachers. I´m happy to be doing most of my subjects and looking forward to the exams in June next year

laura 10/22/2009 12:54 PM -
Hi.The Pres is a great place to learn.I´m really enjoying it here.The teachers are putting a lot of work into after school stuff too.Srry to see Mr.K gone.Mr.D seems o.k but still hasn´t visited the classes to introduce himself,whats with that?

brainy lol 10/23/2009 10:32 PM -
i love pres ! im in an exam year at the moment ! The quality of teaching is absoloutly brilliant they all try so hard and put so much effort into you getting good grades .They treat everyone with respect and I get along great with all of them .They put alot of work into improving the school and do lots of fundraising for various charities each year. Their work does not stop at haf three when the bell goes.
The new principal has not yet introduuced himself which i dnt find very polite put he has really improved the school since starting six weeks ago. I reccomend this school to every one!!!

11/02/2009 09:06 PM -

I am a parent with a daughter in 3rd year.  My daughter´s experience in Presentation  has been nothing but positive.  The subject choice is wide and the teachers she has had so far have without exception been excellent with most of them willing to go that extra mile.  Are there teachers who aren´t very good yes there are - but these are in the minority and you will find every school has some teachers who are burnt out.  Most teachers in Presentation are heavily involved in extra curricular activities for the girls and they put huge work last year into a fashion show for the Marie Keating Foundation.  The energy they displayed spread to all the girls in the school and they deserve high praise for the amount of extra work they put in.  There is a great atmosphere in the school and my daughter has received great encouragement and positive reinforcement.  I will always be grateful the the wonderful transition the school/teachers gave her to secondary education.

It will be interesting to see how the new Principal and Asst Principal settle in to the school.  I hope they appreciate the brilliant resource they have in the team of teachers in the school and make the most of them. 

11/02/2009 09:53 PM -

There is so much going on at pres!In my first year I went away with the school to Greece. It was soo fun! We saw all the amazing sites in the day and at night there were loads of activities to keep us entertained. The trip was so well organised so that we could see all the ancient sites which really helped with Classical Studies. In my second year we went to Italy. Sooo great! So many memories!  The teachers put in so much work for these trips. Only we had to go during school holidays!!!

In my second year we went on a French Exchange. It was so fun.We made so many friends who we are still in contact with.  We got to experience French life and its really helpful for the exam because aural tapes are worth 50%. I loved it so much I am going again this year. This will be the 10th anniversary of the French Exchange so it will be extra-special!

I was accepted into a private school but i would never change because I love pres! Everyone is so involved. The teachers know everyone by name and it creates a great atmosphere. I´ve talked to my friends from  fee-paying schools and we found they were behind in the course also our teacher´s standards are among the highest in the country.

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