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Our Lady's School

Phone: 01-4903241

our ladys school rollnumber 60860Q

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Suzanne Our Ladys School          
07/29/2009 01:21 PM - (share to everyone)
Hi, I´m moving to Terenure in a few weeks and I´m hoping to get my daughter enrolled in one of the local schools. Can anyone give me some information on our Ladys School or the Presentation? Any tips on which is the best of the two schools & is transition year mandatory in either?

Suzanne 07/29/2009 01:21 PM -

ABC 08/13/2009 12:13 AM -
Hi Suzanne, Transition Year is mandatory in OLS and is very enjoyable! I go there and love it. Would recomend it to you.

11/10/2009 02:59 PM -
Hi re   OLS it   is  quite hard to get  placings   at moment -- over 600 applicants for 120 places appox. this year -- would be preferred school of 2.. k

12/22/2009 03:58 PM -
Hi i just started in 1 year in our ladys it is amazin all the teachers r really nice nd will help u if u hav any problems. transition year is mandatory i woul definatly recomend it

01/06/2010 06:17 PM -
gr8 school

04/24/2011 11:11 AM -

Hi...we are debating what school to send our kids to.  We live in the Firhouse area and like the idea of a community school but also are keen to promote a good education and our girls are also very sporty.  We have the option of Firhouse community school or Our Ladies School.  Getting pressure from some of family who are community workers to send to local school as better mix of people and ethnicities.  I would like the girls to get a good education and OL has a great track record.  We do have 3 girls in family, no boys so wonder if healthy to go to all girls school as they will never have chance to mix with boys.  Any comments, opinions very much appreciated as its a very hard decision to do the right thing for your family...also interested to know about sports at our ladies.

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