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Firhouse Community College

Phone: 01-4525807

firhouse community college rollnumber 70140L

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D Firhouse Community College          
05/16/2008 08:10 PM - (share to everyone)
I graduated in 2006 from Firhouse CC,
I go to Trinity College and i notice that there is no mention of Trinity on this page. There is in fact 7 of us from this graduation year who studied in Trinity and of which 6 of are still attending.

05/19/2008 01:39 PM -
Thanks for bringing that to our attention D. We checked back on TCD records for 2006 and discovered that they had provided figures for Firhouse CC under a different roll number and hence they hadn´t been associated by us with the school. As you can see we have now amended the record above - in fact according to TCD records there were 14 of you who went to TCD that year.

D 05/24/2008 04:26 PM -
Oh right! I only get to see the science and engineering students so I did not know the full figures- thank you for updating the page so quickly.

02/04/2010 12:38 PM -

Hi I am considering secondary schools for my son who has one year left in primary. He is more into drama and music than football etc. He was diagnosed who dyslexia three years ago and can struggle at times in school especially with maths. I am looking for any parents who may help me on resources and activites for the children that may benifit my son attending here or any suggestions/experiences.


Thank you



04/24/2011 11:05 AM -

Hi...we are debating what school to send our kids to.  We live in the Firhouse area and like the idea of a community school but also are keen to promote a good education and our girls are also very sporty.  We have the option of Firhouse community school or our ladies school in Templelogue and wonder if anyone has opinions or experience of either?  We are not too keen on the idea of an all girls school and I suppose my only hesitation with choosing Firhouse is the number of graduates who are going on to Univercity is lower proportionally to Our Ladies and especially one of my children is very influenced by her peers and so have a niggling concern she might sit back in less pushy school and then regret that down the road.  Love to hear others experiences...

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