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Find Primary Schools in Ireland - Primary Wexford

Details for Primary schools and links to the Assessments from the Department of Education.

Note: Many schools are listed by their Irish name as per Department of Education records.
Schools are sorted here by address (some addresses are also in Irish).

NameAddress Enrolment
Scoil Naisiunta Abbain
Scoil Naisiunta ABBAIN
Adamstown Co Wexford (053 9240694)Boys: 52 Girls: 58
Scoil Naisiunta Mhuire
Scoil Naisiunta MHUIRE
Baile Daithi Inis Cortaigh Co Loch Gorman (053 9234745)Boys: 29 Girls: 26
Scoil Naisiunta Nmh Seosaimh
Scoil Naisiunta NMH SEOSAIMH
Baile Miota Co Loch Garman (051 561324)Boys: 81 Girls: 63
Sn Baile ThomaisBaile Thomais Gorey Co Wexford (053 9428343)Boys: 35 Girls: 47
Ballindaggin National School
BALLINDAGGIN National School
Ballindaggin, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford (053 9388728)Boys: 79 Girls: 84
Castle Dokrell Natioanl School
Castle Dokrell Natioanl School
Ballycarney Enniscorthy Co Wexford (053 9388892)Boys: 11 Girls: 13
Ballycullane National School
BALLYCULLANE National School
Ballycullane New Ross Co Wexford (051 562542)Boys: 27 Girls: 27
St Leonards National SchoolBallycullane New Ross Co Wexford (051 562570)Boys: 65 Girls: 60
Ballyduff National School
BALLYDUFF National School
Ballyduff Camolin Co Wexford (053 9383436)Boys: 35 Girls: 43
Ballyellis National School
BALLYELLIS National School
Ballyellis Gorey Co Wexford (053 9426159)Boys: 69 Girls: 47
Scoil Naisiunta Baile FadaBallyfad Inch Co Wexford (0402 37799)Boys: 9 Girls: 5
St Marys National School Ballygarrett
St Marys National School Ballygarrett
Ballygarrett Gorey Co Wexford (053 9427196)Boys: 114 Girls: 114
Scoil Chaitríona NaofaBallyhack Arthurstown New Ross Co Wexford (051 389368)Boys: 32 Girls: 31
Sn Mhuire
Ballyhogue Bree Enniscorthy Co Wexford (053 9247677)Boys: 17 Girls: 9
Scoil Chroí Ró Naofa
Scoil Chroí Ró Naofa
Ballymurn Enniscorthy Co Wexford (053 9138435)Boys: 49 Girls: 75
Ballyoughter National School
BALLYOUGHTER National School
Ballyoughter Ballycanew Co Wexford (053 9382000)Boys: 23 Girls: 20
St Patricks National School
ST PATRICKS National School
Ballyroebuck Ns Bunclody Co Wexford (0539377410)Boys: 44 Girls: 52
Sn Mhuire Barntown
SN Mhuire Barntown
Barntown (0539120376)Boys: 151 Girls: 130
New Ross Educate Together National School
New Ross Educate Together National School
Barrett's Park, New Ross, Co. Wexford (053 9105070)Boys: 32 Girls: 25
Bunscoil Ris - Edmund Rice Snr School
Bunscoil Ris - Edmund Rice Snr School
Bawnmore Road, Castlemoye, New Ross (051 448378)Boys: 182 Girls: 198
Scoil Naisiunta Nmh Brighde
Scoil Naisiunta NMH BRIGHDE
Blackwater Enniscorthy Co Wexford (053 9127314)Boys: 102 Girls: 99
St Patricks Special School
Bohreen Hill, Enniscorthy Co Wexford (053 9233657)Boys: 92 Girls: 39
Boolavogue National SchoolBoolavogue Ferns Co Wexford (053 9366998)Boys: 68 Girls: 40
St. Joseph's National School
St. Joseph's National School
Bree Enniscorty Co Wexford (053 9247725)Boys: 119 Girls: 99
Our Lady Of Lourdes National School
Our Lady of Lourdes National School
Bunclody Co Wexford (053 9377380)Boys: 150 Girls: 109
Caim National SchoolCaime Enniscorthy Co Wexford (053 9255534)Boys: 81 Girls: 62
Camolin National School
CAMOLIN National School
Camolin Enniscorty Co Wexford (0539383455)Boys: 52 Girls: 44
Carrigduff National School
Carrigduff Bunclody Co Wexford (053 9377346)Boys: 37 Girls: 39
Our Lady Of Fatima Special School
Carrigeen Street Wexford (053 9123376)Boys: 74 Girls: 41
St Garvans National SchoolCarrowreigh Taghmon Co Wexford (053 9134294)Boys: 53 Girls: 68
St Ibars National School
St Ibars National School
Castlebridge Co Wexford (053 9159442)Boys: 121 Girls: 106
Bunscoil Nic Amhlaidh (Catherine Mcauley Jnr)Castlemoye, New Ross (051 425586)Boys: 164 Girls: 155
Castletown National School
Castletown National School
Castletown Inch Co Wexford (0402 37596)Boys: 74 Girls: 59
Clologue National School
CLOLOGUE National School
Clologue Ferns Co Wexford (053 9383468)Boys: 3 Girls: 4
Gaelscoil MhoshiologClonattin Guaire Co Loch Garman (053 9484028)Boys: 115 Girls: 111
Clongeen Mxd National School
CLONGEEN MXD National School
Clongeen Foulksmills Co Wexford (051 565713)Boys: 47 Girls: 51
St Aidans National School
St Aidans National School
Clonroche Enniscorthy Co Wexford (053-9244441 )Boys: 58 Girls: 45
Scoil Mhuire Coolcotts
Coolcotts Co Wexford (053 9144761)Boys: 291 Girls: 304
Coolgreany National SchoolCoolgreany Gorey Co Wexford (0402 37246)Boys: 56 Girls: 59
Monamolinn National School
Monamolinn National School
Court Gorey Co Wexford (053 9389342)Boys: 61 Girls: 64
Courtnacuddy National School
Courtnacuddy National School
Courtnacuddy, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford (053 9244284)Boys: 71 Girls: 61
Scoil Naisiunta PadraigCraanford Gorey Co Wexford (053 9428333)Boys: 76 Girls: 68
Scoil Naisiunta Phadraig
Scoil Naisiunta PHADRAIG
Crossabeg Co Wexford (053 9159035)Boys: 87 Girls: 105
Curracloe National SchoolCurracloe Enniscorthy Co Wexford (053 9137283)Boys: 49 Girls: 40
Scoil Naisiunta Baile Cuisin
Scoil Naisiunta BAILE CUISIN
Cushentown Ns Foulks Mill Co Wexford (051 428612)Boys: 120 Girls: 94
Scoil Naisiunta Mhuire
Scoil Naisiunta MHUIRE
Danescastle Bannow Co Wexford (051 561414)Boys: 93 Girls: 83
St Iberius National SchoolDavitt Road Wexford Co Wexford (053 9122843)Boys: 50 Girls: 41
Scoil Naisiunta Baile An Phiarsaigh
Drinagh Co Wexford (053 9158854)Boys: 101 Girls: 103
St Oliver National SchoolDuncannon Co Wexford (051 389206)Boys: 39 Girls: 34
St Aidans Primary School
St Aidans Primary School
Enniscorthy Co Wexford (053 9235809)Boys: 439 Girls: 417
St Edans National School
ST EDANS National School
Ferns Co Wexford (053 9366511)Boys: 19 Girls: 16
Scoil Naomh Maodhog
Ferns Co Wexford (053 9366205)Boys: 134 Girls: 129
Scoil Eoin BaisteGalvally, Bullhogue, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford (053 9247622)Boys: 21 Girls: 17
Glenbrien National SchoolGlenbrien, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford (053 9138398)Boys: 43 Girls: 35
Scoil Naisiunta An Gleanna
Scoil Naisiunta AN GLEANNA
Glynn Enniscorthy Co Wexford (053 9128449)Boys: 101 Girls: 106
St Kevin's National School, Tara HillGorey Co Wexford (053 9420321)Boys: 114 Girls: 99
Bunscoil Loreto
Bunscoil Loreto
Gorey Co Wexford (053 9421827)Boys: 261 Girls: 456
Ballycanew National School
BALLYCANEW National School
Gorey Co Wexford (053 9427496)Boys: 115 Girls: 89
C B S Primary SchoolGreen St, Wexford - Scoil Na Mbraithre (053 9141324)Boys: 140 Girls: 63
Gusserane National School
GUSSERANE National School
Gusserane New Ross Co Wexford (051 562107)Boys: 42 Girls: 54
Scoil Mhuire
Horeswood Campile Co Wexford (051 388255)Boys: 179 Girls: 111
Kilanerin National SchoolKilanerin Gorey Co Wexford (0402 37405)Boys: 98 Girls: 72
Kildavin National School
Kildavin National School
Kildavin, Enniscorty, Co.Wexford (053 9376456)Boys: 60 Girls: 45
Kiltealy National School
Kiltealy national school
Killane Enniscorthy Co Wexford (053 9255446)Boys: 35 Girls: 52
Killegney National SchoolKillegney Clonroche Enniscorthy Co Wexford (Closed Aug '12)Boys: 6 Girls: 7
Scoil Realta Na Mara
Kilmore Co.Wexford (053 9135230)Boys: 188 Girls: 173
St Josephs National School
ST JOSEPHS National School
Kilmuckridge Co Wexford (053 9130144)Boys: 104 Girls: 89
Kilmyshall National School
KILMYSHALL National School
Kilmyshall Bunclody Co Wexford (053 9377451)Boys: 75 Girls: 68
Gorey Educate Together National School
Kilnahue Lane, Carnew Road, Gorey, Co Wexford. (053 9489662)Boys: 239 Girls: 190
Kilrane National SchoolKilrane, Rosslare Harbour, Co Wexford (053 9133303)Boys: 143 Girls: 170
Gorey Central School
Lár Scoil Guaire, Charlotte Row, Gorey Co Wexford (053 9421745)Boys: 130 Girls: 96
Marshalstown National School
MARSHALSTOWN National School
Marshalstown Enniscorthy Co Wexford (053 9388935)Boys: 102 Girls: 95
Mayglass National School
Mayglass National School
Mayglass Ma, Bridgetown, Co Wexford (053 9135279)Boys: 58 Girls: 65
St Joseph's Primary (Amalgamated See Note)
St Joseph's Primary (amalgamated see note)
Michael's Street, New Ross Girls: 330
Michael Street School (See Amalgmation Note)Michael Street New Ross Co. Wexford (051 421071)Boys: 136
Scoil Naisiunta Moin Na Gcaor
Scoil Naisiunta MOIN NA GCAOR
Monageer Ballysimon Enniscorthy Co Wexford (053 9234453)Boys: 79 Girls: 72
Monaseed National SchoolMonaseed Gorey Co Wexford (053 9428330)Boys: 46 Girls: 50
Scoil Naisiunta Bhaile Mhuirne
Scoil Naisiunta BHAILE MHUIRNE
Murrintown Co Wexford (053 9139277)Boys: 116 Girls: 118
Cbs (Amalgamated See Note)New Ross Co Wexford (051 421585)Boys: 194
Oulart National School
OULART National School
Oulart Gorey Co Wexford (053 9136177)Boys: 84 Girls: 83
Kilnamanagh Community National SchoolOulart, Gorey, Co. Wexford (053 9136555)Boys: 6 Girls: 5
Broadway National School
Broadway National School
Our Ladys Island, Broadway (053 9131113)Boys: 78 Girls: 55
Oylegate National School.
Oylegate National School.
Oylegate Enniscorthy Co Wexford (053 9138509)Boys: 81 Girls: 71
Convent Of MercyPairc An Chinneideach Loch Garman (053 9123331)Boys: 223 Girls: 226
Scoil Mhaodhoig PoulfurPoll Fothair Fiodh Ard Ros Mhic Treoin Co Loch Gormain (051 397193)Boys: 79 Girls: 79
St Joseph's National School Donard
St Joseph's National School Donard
Poulpeasty, Clonroche, Enniscorthy (053 9244295)Boys: 36 Girls: 40
Raheen National SchoolRaheen Enniscorthy Co Wexford (051 428258)Boys: 79 Girls: 64
Ramsgrange Central National School
Ramsgrange New Ross Co Wexford (051 389363)Boys: 35 Girls: 30
Rathnuren National School
Rathnuren National School
Rath An Iubhair Iniscortaigh Co Loch Gorman (053 9255161)Boys: 87 Girls: 100
St Anne's National School
St Anne's National School
Rathangan Duncormack Co Wexford (051 563167)Boys: 133 Girls: 126
Scoil Naomh Aine
Scoil Naomh Aine
Rathgarogue New Ross Co Wexford (051 424779)Boys: 106 Girls: 91
Riverchapel National SchoolRiverchapel Courtown Harbour Co Wexford (053 9425540)Boys: 199 Girls: 180
St Canice S Convent
Rosbercon New Ross Co Wexford (051 422813)Boys: 127 Girls: 127
Gaelscoil Inis CorthaidhRoss Road, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford (053 9237422)Boys: 92 Girls: 110
Rosslare National School
Rosslare National School
Rosslare Strand, Rosslare Co Wexford (053 9132501)Boys: 96 Girls: 107
Newbawn National SchoolSacred Heart N.S. Newbawn Co.Wexford. (051 428416)Boys: 72 Girls: 61
Scoil Naomh Una,Shielbaggan
Scoil Naomh Una,Shielbaggan
Shielbaggan,New Ross,Co.Wexford (051 562410)Boys: 22 Girls: 24
Scoil Naisiunta Na ScrineSkreen Co Wexford (0539137142)Boys: 66 Girls: 69
Scoil Iobar Naofa
St Ibars Ns Clohamon Enniscorthy Co Wexford (Closed August 15)Boys: 10 Girls: 7
Faythe Convent
St John Of Gods Convent Wexford (053 9123105)Boys: 146 Girls: 149
Mercy School
Mercy School
St Johns Road Wexford (053 9123294)Boys: 163 Girls: 219
St Marys National School
ST MARYS National School
St Marys N.S. Parnell Avenue Enniscorthy Co Wexford (053 9235728)Boys: 33 Girls: 25
Scoil Naisiunta FionntainTaghmon Co Wexford (053 9134219)Boys: 92 Girls: 94
Scoil Naisiunta Mhuire
Scoil Naisiunta MHUIRE
Tagoat Co Wexford (053 9132926)Boys: 33 Girls: 47
St Senan's National School
ST SENAN's National School
Templeshannon Enniscorthy Co Wexford (053 9234169)Boys: 235 Girls: 209
Ballaghkeene National SchoolThe Ballagh, Ballaghkeene Enniscorthy Co Wexford (053 9136500)Boys: 67 Girls: 62
Tombrack National School
TOMBRACK National School
Tombrack Ferns Co Wexford (0539366738)Boys: 29 Girls: 21
Gaelscoil Charman
Uisce An Easpaig Loch Garman (053 9124227)Boys: 112 Girls: 125
St. Joseph's Primary School
St. Joseph's Primary School
Wexford Street, Gorey, Co. Wexford (053 9421178)Boys: 303 Girls: 169
Wexford Educate Together National SchoolWhitemill, Clonard, Wexford (053 9184573)Boys: 77 Girls: 87