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Find Primary Schools in Ireland - Primary Kildare

Details for Primary schools and links to the Assessments from the Department of Education.

Note: Many schools are listed by their Irish name as per Department of Education records.
Schools are sorted here by address (some addresses are also in Irish).

NameAddress Enrolment
Allenwood Gns Amalagamated See Scoil Mhuire Allenwood
Allenwood GNS AMalagamated
See Scoil Mhuire Allenwood
Allenwood Naas Co KildareGirls: 137
Allenwood Bns Amalgamated See Scoil Mhuire Allenwood
See Scoil Mhuire Allenwood
Allenwood Robertstown Naas Co KildareBoys: 135
Scoil Mhuire Allenwood National SchoolAllenwood, Robertstown, Naas (045 860826)Boys: 130 Girls: 122
Gaelscoil Chill DaraAn Bothar Glas, An Currach, Co Chill Dara (045 442300)Boys: 202 Girls: 198
St Annes National School
St Annes National School
Ardclough Straffan Co Kildare (01 6273367)Boys: 167 Girls: 156
Creag Aran Special SchoolAthgarret Naas Co Kildare (Closed)Boys: 2
Scoil Bride
Athgarvan N S Curragh Camp Co Kildare (045 441645)Boys: 161 Girls: 159
Scoil Mhichil Naofa
Athy Co Kildare (0598631794)Boys: 306 Girls: 306
Ballyroe Central National School
Athy Co Kildare (0598632522)Boys: 17 Girls: 13
Kilberry National SchoolAthy Co Kildare (0598638448)Boys: 52 Girls: 42
Gaelscoil Atha 1
A.F.C. Bhaile Atha Bothar Atha Cliath Baile Atha I Co Chill Dara (0598634200)Boys: 98 Girls: 116
Cadamstown National School
Cadamstown National School
Baile Mhic Adaim Magh Bhealaigh Co Cill Dara (046 9551308)Boys: 41 Girls: 33
Ballyadams National School
BALLYADAMS National School
Ballyadams Athy Co Kildare (059 8627226)Boys: 67 Girls: 56
Holy Child Ballycane National SchoolBallycane Naas Co Kildare (045 866964)Boys: 216 Girls: 213
Scoil Mhuire Junior School
Scoil Mhuire Junior School
Ballymany, Newbridge, Co Kildare (045 432400)Boys: 217 Girls: 179
Scoil Mhuire National SchoolBallymore Eustace Naas Co Kildare (045 864085)Boys: 97 Girls: 86
Scoil Naisiunta Na Cloiche Moire
Scoil Naisiunta NA CLOICHE MOIRE
Ballyraggan Rathvilly Co Carlow (0599161171)Boys: 4 Girls: 13
St Brigids National SchoolBallysax The Curragh Co Kildare (045 441829)Boys: 79 Girls: 98
Ballyshannon National School
BALLYSHANNON National School
Ballyshannon Kilcullen Co Kildare (045 485309)Boys: 58 Girls: 60
Weston Primary Montessori School
Weston Primary Montessori School
Barnhall, Leixlip (083 839 7818 )
Brannoxtown Community National SchoolBrannoxtown Co Kildare (045 483729)Boys: 5 Girls: 1
Caragh National School
CARAGH National School
Caragh, Naas, Co Kildare (045 903091)Boys: 263 Girls: 235
Scoil Naisiunta Cill CaeCastledermot Athy Co Kildare (05991 45289)Boys: 37 Girls: 20
Castledermot National School Mxd
Castledermot Mxd Ns Castledermot Co Kildare (059 9144355)Boys: 183 Girls: 174
St Raphaels Special Sch
Celbridge Co Kildare (01 6012475)Boys: 54 Girls: 20
Scoil Mochua
Scoil Mochua
Celbridge Co Kildare (01 6272963)Boys: 341 Girls: 363
Gael Scoil Ui Fhiaich
Celbridge Road, Maynooth (01 6290667)Boys: 235 Girls: 237
Churchtown National SchoolChurchtown Athy Co Kildare (0598632178)Boys: 46 Girls: 42
Scoil Choca NaofaCill Choca Cill Dara (01 6287967)Boys: 83 Girls: 299
Scoil Ui Riada
Cill Choca Co Chill Dara (01 6287906)Boys: 273 Girls: 258
St Patricks Boys National School
ST PATRICKS Boys National School
Clane Co Kildare (045 868620)Boys: 530
Hewetsons National SchoolClane Naas Co Kildare (045 868233)Boys: 41 Girls: 50
North Kildare Educate Together School
Clane Road, Celbridge, Co Kildare (01 6274388)Boys: 173 Girls: 187
Scoil Naisiunta Cloch Rinnce
Scoil Naisiunta CLOCH RINNCE
Cloch Rinnce Magh Bhealaigh Co Cill Dara (0469553428)Boys: 88 Girls: 62
Naas Community National School
Naas Community National School
Craddockstown Education Campus, Naas, Co. Kildare (045 875311)Boys: 123 Girls: 138
Scoil Naisiunta BrideCrochta Greine Currach Co Cill Dara (045 441041)Boys: 27 Girls: 41
St Laurences National School
ST LAURENCES National School
Crookstown Ballytore Athy Co Kildare (0598623333)Boys: 167 Girls: 135
Curragh Campgirls National SchoolCurragh Camp Co Kildare (045 441458)Girls: 80
Curragh Camp Boys National SchoolCurragh Camp Co Kildare (045 441482)Boys: 80
St Conleths National School
ST CONLETHS National School
Derrinturn Carbury Co Kildare. (046 9553490)Boys: 147 Girls: 158
Staplestown National School
Staplestown National School
Donadea Naas Co Kildare (045 869229)Boys: 36 Girls: 54
Tiermohan National School
Tiermohan National School
Donadea Naas Co Kildare (045 869442)Boys: 68 Girls: 55
St Patricks National School
St Patricks National School
Droichead Baile Sean Enfield Co Kildare (0469541907)Boys: 65 Girls: 56
Newtown National School
NEWTOWN National School
Enfield Co Meath. (046 9541122)Boys: 49 Girls: 41
Gaelscoil RuairíGaelscoil Uí Fhiaich, Celbridge Road, Maynooth, County Kildare (01 6294110 )Opening Sept 19
Broadford National SchoolGearr Eiscir Moyvalley Co Kildare (0469551323)Boys: 39 Girls: 27
Scoil Eoin Phoil
Green Lane Leixlip Co Kildare. (01 6243130)Boys: 154 Girls: 172
Newbridge Educate Together
Green Road, The Curragh, Co Kildare (045 445710)Boys: 224 Girls: 198
St. Joesph's National SchoolHalverstown, Kilcullen Co Kildare (045 485374)Boys: 35 Girls: 36
Primrose Hill National School
PRIMROSE HILL National School
Hazelhatch Rd Cellbridge Co Kildare (01 6273168)Boys: 63 Girls: 56
St Patricks National SchoolHazelhatch Road Celbridge Co Kildare (085 1069985)Boys: 227 Girls: 184
St Josephs National School
ST JOSEPHS National School
Kilcock Co Kildare (01 6287628)Boys: 289 Girls: 80
St Brigids National SchoolKilcullen Co Kildare (045 481428)Boys: 358 Girls: 332
Killashee Multi-Denominational National School
Kilcullen Road Naas Co Kildare (045 881636)Boys: 137 Girls: 93
Scoil Naisiunta Cill DainginKildangan Monasterevan Co Kildare (045 523536)Boys: 105 Girls: 122
Kildare Monastery National SchoolKildare Co Kildare (Amalgamated Sept 2013)Boys: 384
Scoil Bhride NaofaKildare Co Kildare (Amalgamated Sept 2013)Boys: 136 Girls: 431
St. Brigid's Primary School
St. Brigid's Primary School
Kildare Town, Co. Kildare (045521799)Boys: 490 Girls: 471
Scoil Bhride
Scoil Bhride
Kill Co Kildare (045 877592)Boys: 340 Girls: 306
Killina National School
Killina National School
Killina Carbury Co Kildare (0469553522)Boys: 53 Girls: 46
Scoíl Ide NaofaKilmeade Athy Co Kildare (0598626100)Boys: 114 Girls: 94
Allen National School
Allen National School
Kilmeague Naas Co Kildare (045 860043)Boys: 120 Girls: 123
National School Scoil Treasa
National School SCOIL TREASA
Kilshanroe Enfield Co Kildare (046 9541612)Boys: 64 Girls: 70
Saplings KillKilwarden, Kill, (044 9384853 )Boys: 23 Girls: 6
Scoil Naisiunta Bride Lackagh
Scoil Naisiunta Bride Lackagh
Lackagh Monasterevan Co Kildare (045 529134)Boys: 62 Girls: 78
Scoil Phadraig NaofaLana Eoin Naofa Ath-I Co Chill Dara 532 (059 8632177)Boys: 327 Girls: 265
Scoil Chearbhaill Uí Leim An Bhradáin Dhálaigh
SCOIL Chearbhaill Uí Leim an Bhradáin DHáLAIGH
Leim An Bhradain Co Chill Dara (01 6242061)Boys: 194 Girls: 233
San Carlo Junior National School
SAN CARLO JUNIOR National School
Leixlip Co Kildare (01 6243155)Boys: 124 Girls: 116
Scoil BhrideLeixlip Co Kildare (01 6244850)Boys: 166 Girls: 137
Scoil Mhuire
Scoil Mhuire
Leixlip Co Kildare (01 6244851)Boys: 161 Girls: 142
San Carlo Senior National SchoolLeixlip Co Kildare (01 6245002)Boys: 143 Girls: 132
Leixlip Educate Together National SchoolLeixlip Amenities Centre, Collinstown, LeixlipOpening Sept 2019
Scoil Naomh Lorcain
Levitstown Maganey Athy Co Kildare (059 9145217)Boys: 32 Girls: 23
Scoil Naomh Brid
Main Street Celbridge Co Kildare (01 6272922)Girls: 432
Presentation Girls Maynooth
Maynooth Co Kildare (01 6286034)Boys: 6 Girls: 598
Maynooth Boys National School
MAYNOOTH Boys National School
Maynooth Co Kildare (01 6293021)Boys: 574
Kildare Town Educate Together National SchoolMelitta Road, Kildare Town (045 530 530 )Boys: 188 Girls: 186
Scoil Naisiunta Brighde
Scoil Naisiunta BRIGHDE
Milltown Newbridge Co Kildare (045 433230)Boys: 126 Girls: 82
Scoil Naisiunta Naomh PheadarMonasterevan Co Kildare (045 525037)Boys: 224
Scoil Eimhin Naofa
Scoil Eimhin Naofa
Monasterevan Co Kildare (045 525561)Boys: 68 Girls: 295
St. Johns National SchoolMonasterevan Co Kildare (045 525953)Boys: 25 Girls: 20
Scoil Naisiunta Colmcill Naofa
Scoil Naisiunta COLMCILL NAOFA
Moone Athy Co Kildare (0598624313)Boys: 67 Girls: 65
Coill Dubh National School
Coill Dubh National School
Naas Co Kildare (045 860023)Boys: 84 Girls: 76
Scoil Naisiunta Rath MorNaas Co Kildare (045 862145)Boys: 137 Girls: 116
St. Corban's B.N.S.
St. Corban's B.N.S.
Naas Co Kildare (045 875508)Boys: 488
Mercy Convent Primary SchoolNaas Co Kildare (045 876410)Boys: 19 Girls: 560
Gaelscoil Nas Na RioghNas Co Chill Dara (045 898766)Boys: 181 Girls: 227
Scoil MhuireNewbridge Co Kildare. (045 431077)Boys: 205 Girls: 199
St Conleth's Infant School
St Conleth's Infant School
Newbridge Co Kildare (045 431050)Boys: 215 Girls: 163
St Conleths And Marys National SchoolNewbridge Co Kildare (045 431179)Boys: 179 Girls: 169
Scoil Chonnla Phadraig
Newbridge Co Kildare (045 432174)Boys: 194 Girls: 185
St. Patrick's National SchoolNewbridge Co Kildare (045 432446)Boys: 97 Girls: 103
Scoil Bhride Nurney
Scoil Bhride Nurney
Nurney Co Kildare (045 526767)Boys: 115 Girls: 98
Scoil BhrideOldtown Naas Co Kildare (045 889562)Boys: 367 Girls: 298
Scoil Na Mainistreach
Oldtown Road Celbridge Co Kildare. (01 6271149)Boys: 472 Girls: 1
St. Marks SchoolPiercetown Newbridge Co Kildare (045 432466)Boys: 63 Girls: 34
St Davids National School
ST DAVIDS National School
Piper's Hill Educational Campus, Kilcullen Road, Naas, (045 874087)Boys: 48 Girls: 48
Scoil Naisiunta Bhride
Prosperous Road Clane Naas Co Kildare (045 868614)Boys: 3 Girls: 512
Scoil An Linbh ÍosaProsperous, Co Kildare (045 868660)Boys: 284 Girls: 236
Gaelscoil Mhic AodhaRadharc An Túir, Baile Chill Dara, Co. Chill Dara (087 9833921)Boys: 60 Girls: 56
Maynooth Educate Together National School
Maynooth Educate Together National School
Railpark, Celbridge Road (01-610 6823 )Boys: 147 Girls: 110
Scoil Bhride National School
SCOIL BHRIDE National School
Rathangan Co Kildare (045 524540)Girls: 302
Rathangan Boys National SchoolRathangan Co Kildare (045 528496)Boys: 272
Kildare Steiner SchoolRathargid, Gormanstown, Dunlavin (045 401919)
Rathcoffey National School
RATHCOFFEY National School
Rathcoffey Donadea Naas Co Kildare (045 868721)Boys: 120 Girls: 96
Scoil Na Naomh Uilig
Scoil na Naomh Uilig
Rickardstown, Newbridge (045 434853)Boys: 320 Girls: 298
Robertstown National School
Robertstown National School
Roberstown, Naas (045 860021)Boys: 104 Girls: 107
Sallins National SchoolSallins Co Kildare (045 879119)Boys: 351 Girls: 349
Straffan National School
STRAFFAN National School
Straffan Co Kildare (01 6272255)Boys: 175 Girls: 186
Two Mile House National SchoolTeach An Da Mhile Naas Co Kildare (045 871200)Boys: 141 Girls: 131
St Annes Special School
The Curragh Co Kildare (045 441494)Boys: 54 Girls: 28
St. Brigid's Ticknevin National School
St. Brigid's Ticknevin National School
Ticknevin Carbury Co Kildare (0469553521)Boys: 41 Girls: 27
Scoil Naisiunta Cianog NaofaTigh Mochua Coolcarrigan Co Kildare (045 863563)Boys: 53 Girls: 45
Timolin National School
TIMOLIN National School
Timolin Co Kildare. (Closed Sept '14)Boys: 12 Girls: 8
Athy Model School
Tomard, Monasterevin Road, Athy Co Kildare (059 8638545)Boys: 55 Girls: 44