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Pupils who take part in sport more likely to go to college

Posted by Sally O'Brien, on 07/05/2015. Pupils who take part in sport more likely to go to collegeTags: Parenting Education

Secondary school students who are involved in sport are more likely to go to college and exceed in life, according to new research.

The research, carried out by the European and Social Research Institute (ESRI) called Participation in School Sport and Post-School Pathways: Evidence from Ireland, suggest that students involved in sport, particularly in later years of secondary school, are more likely to reach third level education.

The research also suggests that because of the positive effects of competitive sport, students are more likely to succeed in the workplace also.

The authors, Peter Lunn and Elish Kelly, took data from 2,025 individuals who were interviewed two years after leaving school. According to the report, ‘The survey obtained detailed information about students’ backgrounds, time at school, attitudes towards school and their lives since leaving school. It also asked about their involvement in extra-curricular sport in each of their second-level school years, including not only team sports but also individual sports and exercise activities.’

Their conclusions found that students who participated in sport in later school life were more likely to do better in exams, more likely to join labour market sooner and (potentially) be paid higher.

The authors explain, ‘‘Our study also adds to the evidence that participation in sport has benefits beyond immediate enjoyment and a positive impact on health and fitness. Such evidence supports policy efforts to increase participation in sport. However, it is important to note that our study surrounds only voluntary participation in school sport. Hence it says nothing about the role of Physical Education (PE) at school. Rather, it suggests that there may be benefits to increasing students’ opportunities for voluntary participation in sport during Senior Cycle.’

Read report here.


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