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Kids cooking skills - only three in ten children can boil an egg !

Posted by SchoolDays Newshound on 14/10/2013. Kids cooking skills - only three in ten children can boil an egg !Tags: Parenting

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Uncle Ben’s has teamed up with well-known, Irish chef, Neven Maguire, to launch Ben’s Beginners, a programme which seeks to encourage Irish mums and dads to get cooking with their children, and nurture a lifelong love for wholesome food.  Ben’s Beginners believes that when parents and children move from setting the table to cooking together, it leads to a better relationship with food, with healthy meal preparation and with each other.  The programme begins with a cooking contest to inspire families to create a child-friendly rice recipe and upload it to the Uncle Ben’s Facebook page to share their passion for healthy eating.  All those who enter are in with the opportunity to win €5,000 cash prize for them and their family plus a €10,000 donation for their school to fund a healthy initiative.

Research undertaken as part of the programme reveals that Irish parents agree that it is important children have a basic knowledge of cooking skills.  Four in five surveyed believe that being able to cook sets their child up for life however in practice only 14% of children prepare evening meals, daily, with their parents.  A larger number (4 in 10) do so weekly, but a quarter of all children never or rarely help prepare meals at home. 
In addition, when it comes to the development of family cooking skills, the Ben’s Beginners research revealed:
* Only 37% of parents strongly agreed they were actively passing on solid and strong cooking skills to their children.  Of those surveyed, 50% admitted that they learnt to cook when they left home with only 29% indicating they learnt from their parents
* A large proportion of children are involved in tasks such as setting the table (70%) or simple cooking skills such as making toast (70%) but 69% of children cannot boil an egg.  When children were asked the same question, their responses mirrored that of their parents
* Parents cite the key barriers to getting their children more involved in the kitchen as: time pressure (64%); Preference to do it themselves (29%); Perceived lack of children’s interest in cooking (20%); Know-how and inspiration to involve them (19%)
* However, given the chance 79% of children would like to cook more with their parents

Ben’s Beginners offers parents and children the opportunity to win €5,000 cash prize for them and their family plus a €10,000 donation for their school to fund a healthy initiative.  To be in with a chance to win, entrants must upload a photo or short video to the Ben’s Beginners Facebook app at which showcases their signature rice dish recipe. The public will be asked to vote for their favourite entry which will deliver a shortlist of four finalists. Neven Maguire will then choose the overall winner based on the meals created by the four finalists.


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