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Preschool & Montessori

To prepare your little chick for 'Big' school, you may decide to send them to a Pre-School or Montessori at around three years of age. Read our articles below to help you decide what type of pre-school and school to which you might send your child.

Click on the counties below to help you find a suitable pre-school for your child in your area. Or why not use our discussion board to seek advice and support from other parents as to the type of pre-school which might best suit your child.

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Summer childminder available. Maynooth and surrounding areas (Kacey.E10, 08/05 22:17) Childminder Required 1 day per week (emma.csweeney, 08/05 18:13) july provision tutor req (oxoconnor, 08/05 17:14) july provision (oxoconnor, 07/05 20:24) Christ King Cork uniform needed (petersongame217, 06/05 08:19) Inappropriate texts being taught in English class (Irishparents Review, 05/05 14:09) July & August Mornings Brittas Bay (SuzanneZara, 05/05 09:42) Primary tutor required, Ashford, Wicklow (Rebecca Harris, 04/05 10:10)
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