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Celebrating Leaving Certificate Results

The ‘Leaving Cert results night’ will be an evening both anticipated by students all over the country and dreaded by their parents. It’s a night when gangs of former secondary level students will hit the towns and bars to celebrate their exam results, and is often seen as a milestone night that sees teens tentatively entering into adulthood. But it’s not all about drunken teens roaming the streets and worried parents, is it?

Back in June, have put together useful tips about Leaving Cert Blow-Out Parties and offer a guide to both parents and teens on how to enjoy the night with or without alcohol and have fun without it ending badly. When the leaving cert results are out, your night out will be planned the right way.

Some tips for a successful night

  • “There are loads of people who don’t drink, or aren't old enough to drink it’s not your job to give them a hard time about it. respect other people’s choices...’ Just because you enjoy drinking doesn't mean everyone else will;. Don't encourage it, everyone has their own reasons not to.
  • “Be prepared. Plan on how your getting home in advance… make sure you have your keys, enough spare cash to get you home, and a topped-up phone.’ Parents can offer lifts home if necessary
  • “Eat before you go out.” Make sure you or your teen has a meal before they hit the town.
  • “Pace yourself.” Drinking water in between drinks will help you pace yourself, keep you hydrated and refreshed along with helping curb the dreaded hangover.

If you are hosting a party in your own home for your teen and their friends,or are planning your own party, here’s some advice on creating a successful night:

  • If you are over 18s and plan on drinking then a good idea at home is to provide ‘mocktails’ for people who are younger or who don’t drink. Taking the attention off alcohol consumption will keep the party lasting longer than an hour ( and somebody destroying your parent’s couch with vomit.)
  • Serve food. Everybody will enjoy a snack and will stop people drinking on empty stomach.
  • Don’t top-up. Let your friends drink at their own pace. Topping-up isn't part of being a host anymore.
  • If friends are getting too drunk, offer water and keep an eye out for them.
  • Taxi! Don’t let them walk home after drinking if they live far away. Get ready to call a taxi at the end of the night.