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Course Ref: SD0820
Enviromental Awareness in the Classroom:
towards a sustainable future

1st Oct – 20th Nov
20 hours


Designed specifically for Primary Teachers, in association with enviroKids Workshops, this course will share teaching materials and knowledge gained from delivering environmental workshops to Primary Schools throughout the country.

The course will provide you with extensive knowledge of our environment and explore relevant enviromental issues in our world today. The programme promotes consideration for the needs of all on our planet and helps address the concerns of all inhabitants of our planet. This will help develop teacher and pupil awareness of our collective responsibility.

Course Objectives

This course has been created specifically for Primary Level School Teachers and is designed to help advance your teacher learning and to improve the learning outcome for your pupils arounds environmental issues. The course will provide lesson plans and additional support content to provide you with innovative ideas and methods in developing a sustainable school environment.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course you will have gained:
  • in-depth techniques to support environmental awareness in the school community
  • an understanding of the role for schools in creating positive, sustainable practice for the pupils in their care.
  • the opportunity to interact with other teachers on the course topics and will create practical samples for school use while also reflecting on their learning.

Course Modules

Module 1: Sustainability
1.1 Susutainable Living
1.2 What is sustainable living?
1.3 Impacts to our plant
1.4 Air and water pollution

Module 2: Biodoversity
Develop an understanding of 2.1 Our local enviroment
2.2 What lives in our garden?
2.3 Four seans, how they change
2.4 Insects and native animals
2.5 Examine biodiversity in the school community

Module 3: Deforestation
Examine and interpret 3.1 Effects to our earth
3.2 Habitat loss - the effects
3.2 Animals Birds & Reptiles
3.2 Loss of tropical forest
Gather materials on the impact of de-forestation at local and global level

Module 4: Food Waste
Establish facts on 4.1 How much food do we waste?
4.2 What is the impact?
4.3 Why are we wasting so much food?
4.4 What can we do to reduce our food waste?> 4.5 Food we need that's sustainable> Build awareness of sustainability and the economy

Module 5: Recycling
5.1 Why we need to recycle
5.2 Single use plastic
5.3 What we can recycle
5.4 How we can recycle correctly
5.5 The 3 R's (reduce,re-use-recycle)

Feedback from our 2020 Summer Particpants

On completion of the course you will have gained:
  • 'Great course , looking forward to using resources and information next year'
  • 'It was very enjoyable and interesting. I liked all the extra links, videos and resources.'
  • 'I was very impressed with the overall accuracy and up to date nature of the course too - really important for CPD, especially on a subject like this'.

Enrol Now

This course was approved by the Department of Education & Skills as part of the 2020 Courses programme for PrimaryTeachers however Teachers will not qualify for EPV days if undertaking the course during the Autumn season. Access to the course will be available from 1st October to 20th November 2020. On completion of the course participants will receive a Completition Certificate

The course is also open from 1st October to SNAs, Secondary School Teachers, Childcare Workers, Childminders and Parents who feel that they may benefit from the course

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