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School Roadshows & Workshops

School Roadshows & Workshops

Our School Roadshows & Workshops section provides information on roadshows and workshops who visit schools throughout the country providing kids entertainment, skill demonstrations, educational workshops and expert guest speakers. We also have additional sections on speakers for Parents Associations and providers of in-school or afterschool classes

The Dublin SPCA offers a wide range of education services to suit all ages and levels of ability. We are happy to pay a visit to your school where we will give an in-class talk. We can work with all ages of students and are happy to create an age/ability appropriate session tailored to your group’s interests.   Further Information.
Global Action Plan Training
Global Action Plan offers a wide range of programmes for primary and secondary schools in the areas of Climate Action and Global Citizenship. Our programmes can be delivered virtually, outdoors or in your classroom (depending on restrictions). Find out more
Envirokids Environmental School Workshops
Envirokids specialize in developing fun and informative workshops for children (6yrs+) for schools (Primary & Secondary), groups, societies and communities. Our school workshops cover issues as outlined in the schools curriculum and the green schools award.
Farmer Time
Farmer Time is a free programme for Primary and Secondary schools. It links farmers and students through digital video calls. Farmers chat to their matched teacher and class every two weeks about life and work on the farm. It aims to engage and educate young people about food, farming and food production.
Seo Bothar don Gaeilge
The Conradh na Gaeilge Road Show is an interactive Irish language workshop which visits more than 150 schools yearly. Through debate, discussion and games, the workshop aims to encourage and empower students to use their Irish more often outside school. Find out more .
Big Bear Planetariums
Step into a world beyond imagination with Big Bear Planetariums, where the cosmos unfolds right in your school hall or gymnasium. Our portable planetariums offer an extraordinary journey through space, tailor-made for both primary and secondary school students. Our planetarium experiences aren't just educational – they're breathtakingly immersive and interactive.  Find out more
Spark<span style='text-transfom: uppercase;'>E</span><span style='text-transfom: uppercase;'>D</span>
SparkED is a youth leadership programme that empowers young people by teaching them valuable life skills. Our online platform allows the students to access all our workshops and extra resources remotely. Students will be able to complete interactive workshops on our website, in areas such as CV Skills, Presentation Skills, Interview Skills, Time Management and Study skills, Computer/ IT Skills and Volunteering.
Find out more
Food Education and Cooking Workshops
We have provided our workshops in various venues and in schools where we can make a definite impact. We encourage students to trust their instincts and develop their taste and palate, our workshops are about students building confidence in their own abilities. READ MORE.
Heritage in Schools
The Heritage in Schools scheme makes available to primary schools a panel of 165 heritage specialists who will, at the request of a teacher, visit a primary school to work directly with the children. You can search for a specialist by their county and their area of interest. Find out more here.
Mind Hacks 6th Class Workshops
The Voyage is a workshop for 6th class children, that helps them to deal with the emotional wellbeing challenges that come up for children who are moving from primary to secondary school. Our workshops have now been re-developed for use online nationally, by Helplink’s Counsellors/Therapists.
Find out more.
Fun-Believable Science
Laugh and learn about science. Dr. Brain performs incredible circus tricks, explains how they are done, and then has students perform the tricks themselves. A wildly entertaining show that engages the audience. Perfect for Primary School STEAM curriculum.  Find out more here.
Mobile Planetarium
Planet Vortex brings the Wonders of the Universe to your school in a 360° spectacular immersive experience show. Our planetarium is perfect for students with diverse learning needs and abilities, including those who may have special needs or learning disabilities. A mobile planetarium is an inflatable dome that brings the night sky to your school. FIND OUT MORE .
Robotics and V R Workshops
Join our TY Robotics & Coding workshop, 'Where Creativity Meets Coding,' using LEGO Spike Kits. Unleash creativity, learn coding, and bring creations to life. Students explore robotics, collaborating to tackle challenges. Or why not have your students dive into VR with the Beyond Realities Virtual Reality TY Experience. Explore, create, and have fun in this immersive adventure, exploring endless VR possibilities. .

Well-Being Workshops
From Cyberbullying, Social Media addiction and Well-being, Reuben's High-energy Interactive Educational Comedy Shows engage his audience like nothing you've ever seen before. Laughter and interactive social experiments are a huge benefit to students' learning and their information retention. Don't bore them with a lecture - treat them to a show! .  Find out more
Hands on Shakespeare
‘Hands on Shakespeare’ is a practical workshop for secondary school students delivered with the assistance of a group of trained actors and trained drama teachers. The workshop will take place in the YOUR school is approximately one and a half hours in length. READ MORE.
Wolf Academy
Wolf Academy offer inspiring talks, a variety of powerful and practical in-person workshops to suit different students' needs, online programs and in-person retreats. We ensure that there are tangible tools for students to take away and implement in their lives that day.   Find out More.
Here at Mechatrons, we are passionate about promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in Ireland through the motivational effects of Robotics. We have been delivering lectures, classes and workshops on robotics and coding for over 20 years.  READ MORE.
Workshops for Primary Schools
Dogs Trust visit schools in Dublin to help educate young people about the consequences of irresponsible dog ownership, through our Schools Workshop Programme and our curriculum linked classroom resources. Further information....
The Cool Food School
The Cool Food School are the home of healthy eating for kids and have been bringing their innovative, interactive food education workshops to schools and preschools since 2018. In-person and online workshops and cooking classes available for schools and parents. Find out more here.
YouthConnect is the educational, engagement and student support programme of the ICTU, developed in collaboration with the teaching unions and the Irish Second-level Students’ Union. Find out more here.
Junior Einstein Science Club
Junior Einsteins Science Club teaches children core aspects of Biology, Chemistry & Physics through experiments, practical ‘make and do’, worksheets and instruction for primary school aged children. Find out more about our Science Club Activities